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GuangDong Shuncheng Alwayseal Technology Ltd. is a large-scale scientific and technological enterprise specializing in R&D, production, sales and service of automobile explosion-proof membrane and fresh-keeping cleaning products. The production base is set up in Jieyang City, the hometown of hardware and plastics. Founded in 1989, after 30 years of development and technology accumulation, the company has established a standardized management model and a high-quality team. The products have met or exceeded the relevant national standards and are in line with the US Food and Drug Administration. The relevant standards of the FDA have long been co-produced by many well-known brands at home and abroad. The products show strong brand competitiveness in the domestic and foreign markets with high quality and stability, and are highly praised by customers.


The company carefully planned its own brand “Guanjia” KORGA series of fresh-keeping cleaning products with high standards. It will rely on Shuncheng's strong technical strength, and firmly adhere to the high-quality route and build the benchmark of the industry, and strive to become a meaningful brand in the industry.


founded in 1989


After 30 years of



Highly qualified team of

more than 300 people


Multi-square meter dust-free closed production workshop


- Production -

Make city life better


- Strength -

Realistic, innovative, and perfect


- Quality Service -

Create wealth together, happiness together


The products show strong brand competitiveness in the domestic and foreign markets with high quality and stability

and are highly praised by customers!


We will base ourselves on the market with the concept of “Quality is the life of the company”

and pursue the win-win cooperation between the company and customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders and society to create a better future.

How to keep fresh vegetables in summer

carrot ?????The outer body of the carrot that I just bought may have some dirt. First, we need to treat the soil before we keep it fresh, wait for it to dry and wait for it to dry the surface, cut it with a knife, and then we can It is placed in a fresh-keeping bag and stored in the refrigerator for preservation. ?????Chinese cabbage ?????When needed, we can cut the cabbage in half, and then take it from the outside when it needs to be eaten. If it is left, put the remaining cabbage into a fresh-keeping bag and store it in the refrigerator. ?????spinach ?????Spinach preservation does not need to be dried like carrots. Spinach preservation can bring some moisture. The best way is to spray some water on the leaves before storing, then put them into the fresh-keeping bag, don't smash the bag and store it in the refrigerator. Preservation. ?????green pepper ?????People who do housework may know that green pepper has a shortcoming. If it is stained with water, it will easily deteriorate. Therefore, do not wash it before it is preserved to avoid deterioration. If there is water droplets or dirt, we can wipe it clean and then proceed. save. ?????Chives ?????The leek and the green pepper are different. The leek is afraid of drying, so we can tie the fresh leek to the rope, don't tie it too tightly, wrap the leek with wet paper or wet cloth and put it in the storage bag, but it is best. Still eat as early as possible, don't save too long. In order to prevent the increase of nitrite in leek, there is a risk of carcinogenesis. ?????potato ?????The preservation of potatoes has certain emphasis. Potatoes are suitable for cryopreservation. If the temperature is not low enough, it is easy to germinate, and the potatoes after germination should not be eaten because the potatoes will produce a toxic substance after germination and cannot be eaten. ?????Tomato ?????Tomatoes should be kept fresh when buying tomatoes. Choose a complete appearance, good quality, no bumps, and then put them in a fresh-keeping bag to keep them fresh. If tomatoes are rotten, don't eat them. ?????eggplant ?????How to keep eggplant fresh? Eggplant can't be washed with water when it is fresh, because the eggplant's epidermis has a layer of waxy material that can protect the eggplant from making it look more lustrous. Once washed, it will lose the luster and even make the eggplant rot. . The correct way to preserve the eggplant is to put the eggplant directly into the plastic wrap and store it directly in the refrigerator. ??Coriander is popular among people as an auxiliary food. However, because the price of coriander is high, the amount of use is not large. How to properly preserve coriander? I have a good way to put the parsley in a fresh-keeping bag, a fresh-keeping bag, and a plastic wrap at the same time into a small piece of radish (carrot or white radish), and then put the storage bag tightly into the refrigerator freezer. In this way, ensure that the coriander can be kept fresh for quite some time. If the radish is dried, it can be replaced with fresh radish into the fresh-keeping bag. Of course, the preservation time should not be too long. It should be appropriate when purchasing. It should not be too much.

Several methods for distinguishing PVC cling film PVC cling film

Several methods for distinguishing PE cling film from other cling film: In the plastic bag industry, the material and characteristics of various PE cling film are different, and there are many tricks in life to distinguish the difference between them. In the case of PE cling film, in the supermarket In some common convenience bags for shopping bags, supermarkets use mostly PE cling film for packaging plastic wraps such as meat, cooked food, and vegetables. And the supermarket is basically selling PE cling film. PE preservation How much difference does the film have from other cling films? First of all, the distinctive features of PE cling film are: PE wrap film can be used in a wide range, PE cling film can be packaged with grease food, and PE wrap film can also be heated in the microwave oven, the temperature does not exceed 110 Celsius. In addition, distinguish between different types of plastic wrap tips: 1. Look at transparency. PE cling film has poor transparency and PVC wrap film has good transparency. 2. Pull the experiment. The PE cling film has a small pulling force and the PVC cling film has a large pulling force. 3. Fire experiment. PE cling film is easy to burn, it will drip oil, and it has a candle smell; PVC cling film burns black smoke and produces a pungent smell.

The 108th China Daily General Stores Fair

Hello everyone! First of all, I am very grateful to the new and old customers for their attention and support to Shuncheng. It is with the help and care of all the way that they will develop so quickly. From July 28th to July 30th, 2014, the 108th China General merchandise Commodities Fair and China Modern Housewares Expo will be held in Shanghai. At that time, “Shuncheng” will bring the latest products to participate in the exhibition. Customers come to the exhibition site to inspect and guide! Exhibition date: 2021-05-22 to 2014-07-30 Exhibition address: 2345 Longyang Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai Name of the pavilion: Shanghai New International Expo Center The company booth: E3A48-A55

Recruitment dealers across the country

Recruitment dealers across the country

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